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Shoulder length of the shirt is 18inches wide. It’s 28inches long. Bust size on it is 18inches wide at a single side. Sleeves on it are 20inches long and 6inches wide at the cuff. One button is sewn on each cuff, with a split that’s 6inches long. There is a pocket on the left bust, being 6inches deep and 4inches wide at the opening.

princess leia cosplay costume

The last BlizzCon many more people were out in force in their costumes. The special use is costumes. I got mine for $1, fortnite halloween costume (don’t buy a headband with super tall reindeer horns unless your cosplay calls for it. You can be used in cosplay convention and halloween party. This is also useful if you’re looking for pre-owned cosplays or accessories, as you can search by both category and condition.