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The second season Halloween Episode featured a spell transforming everyone who got their costume at Ethan Rayne’s store into whatever they dressed as; Xander became a Badass Normal soldier, Willow died and became a ghost (having worn a Bedsheet Ghost costume), and Buffy, who dressed as an 18th century princess, became a Distressed Damsel. Adult visitors who do not enjoy rides such as it’s a small world, where you sit in vehicles that take you in a circle through a tunnel as animatronic figures sing children’s songs to the riders, may want to visit Epcot or Hollywood Studios instead.

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Considered one of the most intelligent people in the whole world, he inherited his father’s business after his parents perished in an orchestrated car crash. From iconic characters like Totoro to plots that stick in your mind, like the parents turning into pigs in Spirited Away, the imagination has captured audiences alike. In his later years after inheriting his father’s business, Tony was injured in an accident and was captured by the enemy forces led by the warlord Wong Chu.