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Brands like Hanes and Gildan have plain, captain america costume adult primary color options for sweatshirts and sweatpants. The Magic Kingdom-area resorts each have a small marina with a selection of recreational boats for rent. But it could be squished or even split into two pieces. In BuzzFeedYellow’s video, “Why I cosplay”, two cosplayers share that being someone else gives them strength because it helps with their confidence. Each has two 18-hole layouts, with whimsical, kid-friendly holes and decor.

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Another recent inspiration was the moment in the 2004’s The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie in which Patrick Star dons fishnet tights and high heels for a memorable dance number. As seen on her Instagram page, the show provides Mira with never-ending inspiration. It’s a really rich source material for unique cosplays that most people can still understand,’ Mira told BuzzFeed of her love for the underwater animation. Recent transformations were motivated by infamous episodes, such as ‘Handsome Squidward’ from Two Faces of Squidward which aired in 2007. In blue body paint and a brown leotard, Mira referenced Squidward’s memorable ‘fancy’ alter ego.