How I Made a Concept White Ranger Helmet | White Tiger Power Ranger |

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It’s Morbin Time! wait, that’s not right…Anyway!

I’m SO happy to finally have my own power rangers helmet! I grew up watching the OG rangers as a kid and of course the White Ranger was my favorite! Watching the Green Ranger absolutely humiliate the rangers then eventually join them? Peak fiction. I loved it!

I’ve started a few Ranger projects but I kept shelving them for one reason or another. But then I found this Concept design by Carlos Dattoli and fell in love! I mean LOOK at this thing! It was time to build and FINISH my own helmet!

In this video I’ll be taking you through the steps of how i made my helmet! The Printing, The Painting, The Extra bits! So Shift into Turbo or Go Galactic! Whatever floats your boat!

It’s Morphin Time!

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0:00 – Intro
0:38 – Overview
1:24 – 3D Files
2:12 – Scaling
2:53 – 3D Printing Settings
5:49 – 3D Printing TimeLapse
6:12 – Fitment, Straps, Foam, Etc
7:51 – Bespoke Post Sponsorship
9:49 – Sanding
10:06- Priming
10:41 – Painting
12:30 – Tape Removal ASMR
13:19 – Clearcoat
13:30 – Making the Visor
16:10 – Final Fitment
17:04 – Final Look
18:01 – Outro

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