Pink Ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
fusion with
Pink Ranger from Power Rangers Super Mega Force,

what is the best name for this fusion?

Kimberly Ann Hart is a fictional character in the Power Rangers universe. Played by American actress Amy Jo Johnson during the first three seasons of the show, plus on the two feature films of the franchise, Kimberly has the longest tenure of any female ranger in the series’ history, and fourth overall. She is best remembered as the first Pink Ranger and first Pink Ninja Ranger from the first entry of the franchise Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Emma was taking photos of butterflies and insect life when she came upon Creepox at the edge of a forest. To her surprise, she was teleported to meet Gosei and asked to become the new Pink Ranger. Chosen for great BMX skills and care for the environment, she would show later in the series how humans had affected the world.

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Power Rangers The ugliest costumes in history

Power Rangers The ugliest costumes in history

We know that for each series there is a team behind everything that is created, but we can’t believe how they let these horrible designs slip through the cracks.

Power Rangers is an American television series and franchise of the tokusatsu genre, version of Super Sentai Series, a Japanese television series of the same genre. It has been broadcast since 1993. From 2002 to 2009, the franchise was owned by The Walt Disney Company, but was reacquired in 2010 by Haim Saban, its creator and original driving force between Mighty Morphin and Wild Force (the latter created early in production before the sale of Saban Entertainment to Disney). On May 1, 2018, it was confirmed that the franchise was bought by Hasbro.


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